Visit To Notre Dame Stadium Press Box Offers Nice Surprise

Notre Dame Safety Announcement With Tim McCarthy Indiana State Police

My Dad graduated from Notre Dame in 1960 and over the years I have been attending at least one Notre Dame game every year since I was a kid. I would always enjoy the State Police safety announcement towards the end of the game. You would hear, “May I have your attention please? This is Tim McCarthy with the Indiana State Police.” A thunderous cheer roars up from the student section, followed by a chorus of shushes raining down upon the crowd of more than 80,000. On Saturday October 11th, I was attending the Notre Dame VS North Carolina game with my wife and some friends. I have come to know Mike Collins the Notre Dame public address announcer. Mike invited me to visit the press box during the game. I chose to go up after halftime and watch the game and Mike and his team in action during the third quarter. An older gentleman came in late in the quarter and stood next to me and everyone said “Hi Tim”. My brain starting to figure out that this is the guy that does the safety announcement. I shot this video and got my picture taken with Tim. What a thrill. Notre Dame fans are sure to enjoy this behind the scenes video.