Praxis Media Group Partners With Writer/Producer Denise Reiter On The “Indiana Storytellers” Project.

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Writer/Producer Denise Reiter has signed on with Praxis Media Group to help complete the storytelling project with the working title, “Indiana Storytellers”.   Praxis Media Group started production on the project in March of 2014 interviewing storytellers from Indiana or ties with Indiana. Each storyteller talks about their beginnings in storytelling, the development of their craft and why we connect so deeply with stories. Some are in the obvious arts of storytelling and others are from various walks of life that use storytelling in their profession on a daily basis.

Some of the interviews include Filmmaker Angelo Pizzo, Rabbi Sandy Sasso, Sports writer Bob Kravitz, Pacer’s Play by Play Mark Boyle, Singer/Songwriter Jennie DeVoe, American Impressionist Artist CW Mundy and others.   The interviews have been completed and the project stalled with the busy schedule at Praxis Media Group.  PMG Producer Mike Jansen is working with Denise on a series of job search videos for a publisher and they started talking about the storytelling project.   Denise has come onboard to help produce the post production of the project with a tentative completion date of Spring 2016 with a possibility to air on WFYI locally.

Denise is an award-winning writer and video producer. Her dream job would be a head writer for The Alan Brady Show.  A veritable Swiss Army Knife in PR & marketing communications, she loves a good story and is always looking to tell one.  With a BA in psychology from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY; master level coursework in Non-Profit Management; and Six Sigma Black Belt training in Lean Office, she is currently the Director of Marketing at InSource, Inc., a financial services marketing firm in Indianapolis.  Her background also includes work as a news reporter (WHAS-TV), a talent agent, magazine publisher, and a professional singer and musician. Denise believes that good storytelling does more than entertain. Stories elevate us, provoke us, inspire us to be more–and they unite us. Follow Denise on Twitter: @dmreiter.