Magic Moments On The Monon Trail

Several weeks ago I was out for my daily 20 mile bike ride on the Monon Trail. I came around the corner right by the Palladium in Carmel and ran right into Colts Punter Pat McAfee who was taking a break from rehearsals for his comedy show at the Palladium. Pat McAfee Today I was out for my ride and passed the Palladium again and I saw a group of kids coming out of the building into a courtyard.  As I continued north on the trail it occurred to me it might be the kids in town for the Great American Songbook Competition at the Palladium. Each year the winner of that competition gets to sing the National Anthem at a Colts game typically towards the end of the season and I announce them.  When I was heading back they were still out in the courtyard so I stopped and asked if they were part of the competition, they said yes!  I introduced myself and played them a video on my phone from a past winner, Julia Goodwin.

I told them I would be introducing one of them this year.   They were all very excited and I got them together for a group photo.  I wished them good luck, do their best and I will be announcing one of them several months from today.   Good Luck to all!

Media 7-20-15, 3-15 PM