Heroes Foundation Celebrates 16 Years At Annual Gala

The Heroes Foundation celebrated their 16th year on Saturday at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis.   Praxis Media Group once again created the video that set the stage for the speakers. Praxis Media Group partnered with Casey Kenley of Punch Content to produce the event video. The wonderful storytelling voice over was provided by Franny Bendert. The Heroes Foundation exists because of people who confronted cancer and fought the good fight. The spirit, determination, and commitment of these people to survive are the legacies and characteristics that spurred the Foundation. Conceived in October 2000, the Heroes Foundation started as an idea among friends. Vince Todd Jr., was fighting his own personal battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and wanted to assist others that suffered from similar diseases. Vince ultimately won his battle. His optimism coupled with the unconditional support of his family and friends created the spark that ignited the group. An idea that resulted in the Heroes Foundation was born.  You can support the work of the Heroes Foundation by visiting their website at http://www.heroesfoundation.org to learn more and make a donation.