Child Advocates Undoing Racism Documentary to Air on 5 PBS Stations In Indiana

Praxis Media Group completed a documentary on Undoing Racism in February 2017 and is now working to air the program on PBS stations across Indiana and select cities in the US. Child Advocates Undoing Racism is a documentary exploring the disproportionality of African American children in the child welfare system and how one non-profit agency in Indianapolis is fighting to reverse that legacy for children of color. This is the story of people who experience life changing reversals of attitude and cultural racial bias.

Child Advocates has launched this 60 minute documentary on “Undoing Racism” and what it might take to do so.

The film follows individuals in the Indianapolis community through undoing racism workshops held at Child Advocates. Over 50 workshops have been held at Child Advocates’ office with over 2,000 of individuals trained.

As tensions in the US continue to rise with issues around race, it is imperative to allow individuals to talk about race in a constructive environment. Child Advocates hopes this film will inspire individuals to participate in a workshop and help inspire change in their own communities.

The 60 minute documentary “Undoing Racism” will air on WTIU Public Television on August 31st at 10PM and September 3rd at 2:30PM. It will also air on WFYI Public Television on October 12 at 9PM. We are still waiting on air dates from WIPB, WFWA and WNIT