Mike And Mel

Praxis Media Group was formed in 2000 by Mike Jansen

My goal is always to create a great experience for my clients during the process of creatively transferring their story to the video medium.

Professional Voice Talent for 28 years
Video Producer For 26 years.
Indianapolis Colts Stadium Announcer – 19th Season
BigTen Football Championship Stadium Announcer – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
BigTen Basketball Tournament Public Address Announcer – 2012
Indianapolis Indians Minor League Baseball Substitute Announcer 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Specialties: Project Coordination from start to finish. Crafted storytelling. I can function as a shooterproducerdirectoreditor on each project to add value to your project.

In The Beginning

Praxis Media Group  was founded by Mike Jansen in May of 2000. Mike began his journey in the communications field in 1988 when he ran into a college classmate who talked Mike into doing a voice over for a video project. Mike put a demo tape together and began his voice over career. Mike left his job selling long distance telephone services in May of 1990 to pursue a full-time career in voice overs and now on-camera talents for television commercials and corporate training videos. In October of 1990 Mike took a job with an audio and video production company as a salesman and over time evolved his role into a producer, guiding projects to completion.

Mike officially formed Praxis Media Group in May of 2000 to produce his own projects as well as producing electronic media for many clients under the Praxis umbrella. In 2004, Mike teamed up with Dan T. Hall, writer/producer/director, to act in and produce and independent feature film, “EZ Money”. Since it’s inception, Praxis Media Group has produced quality content for American Trans Air, Finish Line, United Way of Central Indiana, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana High School Athletic Association, Wishoo/Toyota to name a few. Mike also continues as a voice talent including the stadium announcer for the Indianapolis Colts as well as video production for the foundations of Peyton Manning, Gary Brackett and Marlin Jackson.

And Everything Changed

When I started in video production in 1990 there were roughly 10 production companies in Indianapolis and video was expensive.  As technology evolved the cost to produced video has fallen considerably.  You can now run up to Best Buy and get a digital video camera with included software and now you are a “Producer”.  There is so much video being produced today and so many outlets on the web to showcase videos.  Technology keeps accelerating in all areas of video creation and distribution, creativing an exciting environment to produce and distribute video.

The Difference

What I have seen with the video revolution is a lack of good story telling.  Many individuals have mastered the motion graphics features of video editing software and are able to produce stunning video.  There is a place for that however many of the video productions today lack emotion and good story telling, truly an art.  I once showed a prospective client some of my work including a piece for United Way of Central Indiana.  She stood up and walked around the conference room and said we just spent X dollars with X production company and it is missing “that”.  I asked what and she said, “emotion”.  That was kind of a defining moment for me since that is what I look for in each project.  Contact me today to discuss video production for your organization.    Thank you.  Mike Jansen

Services Offered

Producing – Location Videography – Editing – Project Management- Radio & TV Spot Production – audio books – marketing & training videos – web video – home video – feature film production.

Voice Overs for Radio & TV spots, corporate video, training videos, Voice OnHold for phone systems – fully produced on hold messages or voice prompts.

Praxis Media Group – 5640 North Carvel Ave – Indianapolis, In 46220 – 317.722.1242 – producer@mgjansen.com


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